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Spring Outing Diary 2012

Spring Outing Diary 2012 Date:2012-4-24     On April 22, 2012, the weather was nice and the company organized a one-day tour to Binhai Forest Park for all staff. Everyone discarded the rigorous attitude they usually held in work and it seemed that they retrieved the joys from childhood. On our way to the destination many versatile colleagues sang songs for all of us, adding lots of joys to our journey.     We arrived at Binhai Forest Part in joyful songs. Everyone couldn’t wait to swarm into the park to have a close contact with the nature. There was not any unified arrangement in the morning, so some went horseback riding, some rode bicycles, some went to enjoy flowers and some took photos in biological dragon area. Everyone was immersed in the happiness. At 11:00 a.m., everyone got to the flavored barbecue area on time for lunch. We all cooked by ourselves. Though some meat was scorched, everyone ate happily. During the barbeque lunch, we learnt from each other how to roast and had a happy chat. The lunch offered a good opportunity for employees of different majors working at different floors to know each other via communication.     Unconsciously, it was 3:00 p.m. already and everyone returned to the entrance of the park reluctantly. Strawberry picking was our next stop. Upon entering the strawberry garden, everyone’s mouth watered upon the sight of so many red strawberries in the garden. Every one put the strawberries directly into their mouths without cleaning them at all. Half an hour later, everyone carried a full basket of strawberries with a satisfied smile on their face…..  

Shanghai Huaxi’s Three-day Tour to Tonglu in Golden Autumn

Shanghai Huaxi’s Three-day Tour to Tonglu in Golden Autumn Date:2011-10-11     The company would organize some tour trips for all staff every autumn. It planned a three-day tour to Tonglu this year. The tour covered such scenic spots as Daqishan Forest Park, Yaolin Fairland, drifting in Tianmu Stream, Chuiyuntong River and many others.     Two full-loaded tourist buses set out on the morning of October 2. The journey was full of joy and we arrived at the destination involuntarily. After lunch, in spite of the tiredness after the journey, everyone went straight to the first scenic spot: Daqishan Forest Park, which was located across Chunfujiang River and was a well-known tourist attraction at the place. Daqishan Mountain was covered with dense plants. Walking along the forest paths, you might find the branches of threes connected with each other and sometimes you may see the sunshine penetrating through the gaps among the leaves. There was an artificial lake near the mountain top. Standing at the dam, you might find the lush forest and winding stream on one side and the clear lake on the other side. What a peculiar landscape!     We arrived at Tianmu Stream the next day and drifting was the major activity that day. Before setting out, the enthusiastic tourist guide dispatched 2 moisture-resistant bags to every one of us to prevent our shoes from getting wet during drifting and the children also brought water guns with them. The stream was gentle and didn’t have too many steep slopes. We sit on the raft. With the wind blowing on our face, we felt refreshed and very comfortable. Though a low temperature and a little chilling, our passion to water fight was not abated at all. While fighting against each other with water guns, everyone seemed to return to their childhood.     We got to the final destination of the trip, Chuiyuntong River, in the last day. After entering the mouth of the cave, we marched forward along the zigzag tunnel in the dim light. There were different shaped stalactites on both sides of the river, over our head and even in the water. Illuminated with the colored lamps, they were so beautiful and inspired our admiration from time to time. Surprisingly, there was a draft gear to make the transportation between the lower and higher water areas come true. In such a narrow karst cave, such a unit was indeed better than a ship lock. It further aroused our admiration for the wisdom of human beings.     After lunch, it was time for us to go back. This trip left us a wonderful memory. On our way home, all were overwhelmed by the tiredness and fatigue and closed their eyes to have a rest except the children, who seemed not tired at all and played the Chinese idioms connection game. These lovely children also brought lots of joys to our trip.  

Shanghai Huaxi marching into the field of biodiesel

Shanghai Huaxi marching into the field of biodiesel Date:2011-9-8        We won the bid of Hainan Lin’gao Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd. for the 200mt/year waste vegetable and animal fat to biodiesel technical upgrading integrated unit project and entered into the “turnkey contract” of the 5,000Nm3/h methanol to hydrogen production unit with the company. The project mainly produced biodiesel from waste vegetable and animal fats, such as recycled swill-cooked dirty oil, palm oil, coconut oil and others. The biodiesel was a typical “green energy”, so vigorous development of the biodiesel industry was of important strategic significance to maintain a sustainable economic development, push the replacement of energies, alleviate the pressure on environment and control the atmospheric pollution of cities. The project would the first unit we provided while marching into the field of biodiesel.

Thanksgiving Harvesting Tour

Thanksgiving Harvesting Tour Date:2011-8-16       In order to thank all staff of the company for their silent contributions to the development of the company over the past 8 years, the company meticulously chose many peach trees from “Puluwan Thanksgiving-themed Garden” this spring as an award to every employee by means of adoption, expressing its thanks and conveying its best wishes to all staff.         After expecting for a long time, the peaches were finally ripe. On August 13, the company organized all staff to parade down to the farm. The vegetable garden, fruit garden, fishpond, lotus pond, and the shadows of the farmers constituted a beautiful and unique landscape, and we, the white collars who spent all day in office at ordinary times, were also given an opportunity to get close to the nature. Despite of a heavy typhoon in the previous week, our trees remained upright as before, but some immature peaches were blown down to the ground……Though with scorching sun directly overhead that day, our passion to harvest our fruits was not abated at all. Finally, we harvested a total of 128 boxes of peaches. Besides harvesting peaches, many employees could not help carrying their basket when they saw the field full of organic vegetables…… till all people came back with their baskets full of fruits and vegetables……        Huaxi could not grow robustly without the efforts of every Huaxi person. All staff’s dedication seemed likewater drops to nourish every corner of Huaxi.

Conclusion of the 300Nm3/h natural gas to hydrogen plant “Turnkey Contract” with Praxair

Conclusion of the 300Nm3/h natural gas to hydrogen plant “Turnkey Contract” with Praxair Date:2011-4-28     Praxair, Inc. has made a one-year survey across the country before finally selecting us as their supplier of natural gas to hydrogen production technology package and entered into a 300Nm3/h natural gas to hydrogen plant “turnkey contract” with us.

Spring Outing Diary 2011

Spring Outing Diary 2011 Date:2011-4-27     Spring blossomed in April of Shanghai, so it was the best time for spring outing.     A one-day tour to Pudong suburb was organized by the company for all staff on April 23, 2011. During the trip we paid a visit to Shanghai Maritime Museum, where we learnt the maritime development history of China and even the world and also experienced the most advanced 4D movie technique. This visit added lots of joys to our trip.     After the visit, we went straight to “Happy Farm” to have lunch –– barbecue buffet. “DIY” was the rule for the trip. Everyone showed their capabilities and joy was overflowing…. drawing numerous envies.     After the lunch, we relaxed ourselves in the activities like pastoral sightseeing, playing kites, archery, enjoying flowers, fishing, playing chess, strawberry picking and others.     At last, the management promised to award everyone one peach tree and the management of these trees was entrusted to the farm. Then, in July, we can go to the farm to harvest our peaches. We excitedly look forward to the coming of that day……  

Annual Conference 2010 of Huaxi

The 2010 Annual Conference, presided over by HU Yingqiong, Manager of HR& Administration Department, was held in the multi-purpose hall on the first floor of Incubation Center of Zhangjiang High-tech Park in the afternoon of January 26, 2011.        The conference begun with the report about the work summary 2010 and the development planning 2011 delivered by JI Zhiyuan, the GM of the company. Mr. JI made a summary of all aspects of the company for 2010 and was strongly confident with the development prospect of the company in the future.         It was followed by the awards ceremony 2010, where the management of the company showed congratulations and presented the awards to the winners.        All staff went for dinner at Blue Horizon Royal Parklane International after the conference was adjourned. First of all, the management of the company conveyed their blessing to all staff and toasted together with them to the coming of the New Year. Employees also conveyed their best wishes to each other and they communicated and chatted with each other in a warm atmosphere. The lucky draws during the dinner presented generous prizes to employees and fully stimulated their passion, pushing the annual conference to a climax once more…e Annual Conference 2010 came to a successful conclusion in a happy atmosphere. (The photo shows that JI Zhiyuan, the GM of the company, is delivering a speech about work summary and future development planning of the company)     (The photo is the group photo of all winners of the excellent awards 2010)

Excellent Awards 2010

Excellent Awards 2010 Date:2011-1-21         Excellent Cadre – HU Yingqiong (Manager of HR& Administration Department)         With a strong corporate strategic awareness, aggressive and responsible in work, setting a good example for others when implementing and executing the strategies of the company.   Excellent Employee – Hao JUNFANG (Civil Designer)           Diligent, with a strong sense of responsibility, having made an outstanding achievement, willing to bear the burden of hard works without compliant and conducting fully complies with the professional ethics. Excellent Employee – Lin XIAO (Electrical Designer)        With a positive attitude towards work, having achieved lots of outstanding results despite of great burdens of work, having a good team-work spirit and setting an good example for other technicians to copy. Excellent Employee – Dong JIPENG (Pipeline Designer)        Always working in the interests of the company, bearing the hardship without compliant, working with due diligence and having good team-work spirit. Wining extremely high appraise from the divisions he has ever worked with and from owners. Best Newcomer – Ma YUTING (Financial Clerk)     Identifying with the corporate culture and values of the company and holding a positive attitude towards work. With strong sense of responsibility, nearly no mistake was made in the work.  

The 7th Anniversary Celebrations of Huaxi

The 7th Anniversary Celebrations of Huaxi Date:2010-12-13     December 3, 2010 marked the 7th anniversary of our company. In that afternoon, a sports-themed activity was held by the company and it was a fitness activity centered on a table-tennis game and complemented by badminton and basketball sports. The activity was full of vitality, showing the strong corporate cohesion of our company. Blue Horizon Royal Parklane International observed the grand opening of the evening celebration, where JI Zhiyuan, the GM of the company, made a speech about the development course of the company over the past 7 years. The company was seen as having a rapid growth, a constant expansion and an increasingly improved corporate management in the past 7 years and everyone witnessed the past glory of Huaxi.     It was an unforgettable and wonderful 7-year course and the company is bound to meet with more wonderful achievements and tough challenges in the future. Please let us hands together to witness the wonderful growth of Huaxi and look forward to a brighter future.  

News in Brief -- Lihuayi Duowei Project CommencedStarted-up

News in Brief -- Lihuayi Duowei Project CommencedStarted-up Date:2010-11-1     The hydrogen plant of the 22.5×104 t/a Octanol Plant designed by Shanghai Huaxi Chemical Industry Science& Technology Co., Ltd. for Shandong Lihuayi Duowei Chemical Co., Ltd. was successfully started-up at the first time.     The plant has been running steadily and continuously for more than 48 hours up to now. Technical personnel of Shanghai Huaxi actively cooperate with the client in design, construction and start-up stages to guarantee that the hydrogen production plant is put into operation on schedule, and Shandong Lihuayi Duowei Chemical Co., Ltd. is satisfied with it.
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